Past Events (Page 3)

Past Events (Page 3)

Evangelist Rich Tozour

Evangelist Rich Tozour travels coast-to-coast in church meetings, youth conferences, and summer camps. He is a very popular speaker and effective communicator. You will be greatly blessed through his powerful preaching.

Dave McCracken

Evangelist Dave McCracken joins us for Sunday School, Sunday morning services, and Sunday evening services. Brother McCracken has been greatly used of God every year for over 20 years at the annual Master’s Men meeting in Fresno. Ask any man in our church who has heard him preach and he will tell you. Get family, friends, neighbors…anyone you can to come hear the Word…

Awake America Rally

Join us at the California state capitol on Tuesday morning and for a rally at Faith Baptist Tabernacle at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday night on August 25. Our speaker on Tuesday night will be Dr. David Gibbs of the Christian Law Association. Contact us for more details.