Sermon Archive

Sermon Archive

Welcome to our Sermon Archive page! Here you can access video and audio of sermons given by Pastor Rodgers and by guest speakers. Some sermons are accompanied by sermon notes to enhance your study.

The Confident Christian Life

From the very beginning of time we have had an enemy. That enemy used a question, and from that time mankind has walked in doubt, fear, and turmoil. And now it seems that the doubt, fear, and turmoil have grown to fever pitch. We as Christians do not need to live in fear, but instead live with confidence. A confident Christian life is found in the words of Christ.

Cultural Shock & Awe

Through whatever means necessary, Satan will deliver his own plan to destabilize and control mankind. The wicked one lusts to overcome and enslave God’s greatest creation in every conceivable sin. We are going to see one of the greatest examples of overcoming these ploys. We have the greatest example of how to face a godless culture in the life of Paul.